Tim Duncan returns next season!

Tim Duncan returns next season! story image
SAN ANTONIO -- Spurs fans have been holding their breath since the Spurs won the championship, would Tim Duncan put off retirement and return for another season?

Those closest to Tim have hinted for weeks, months really, that retirement was the last thing on Duncan's mind during the NBA finals.

In fact, when asked two weeks ago, if he was ready to quit...Duncan all but told us his plan.

"I'm not thinking about that in any respect, it will happen when it happens, I'll feel it and I'll know it and I'll call it a day."

That day is not now.  According to Yahoo Sports, Duncan is opting in on the final year of his contract.  In basic terms, he's coming back for an 18th season, making just over 10 million dollars.

At 38 years old, he still plays at a high level.  Pop calls him the foundation of what the Spurs do defensively, and there's this...the the ultimate incentive to return...although Duncan has 5 NBA championships, he's never won back-to-back titles, something he will chase at least one more time next season.

Does that mean next year is THE year?  Not even Duncan has that answer, but what happens this summer makes next summer VERY interesting.Tim Duncan returns next season!
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