Report: Knicks interested in Patty Mills

Report: Knicks interested in Patty Mills story image
By Quixem Ramirez, Project

One day removed from nabbing the franchises fifth NBA championship, the San Antonio Spurs have three impending free agents -- Matt Bonner, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills -- in addition to the uncertainty around Tim Duncan's player option and, potentially, a contract extension for Kawhi Leonard, the 22-year-old Finals MVP labeled as the face of the franchise to address in the offseason.

There's already interest in Mills, the 6-foot-2 guard who averaged 10.2 points on 54.3 percent shooting in the Finals. The New York Knicks, faced with the very real possibility of Carmelo Anthony leaving this offseason, are reportedly interested in signing Mills with a portion of their mini mid-level exception, according to the New York Post.

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