Report of hostage situation appears to be hoax

Updated: Saturday, August 23 2014, 09:54 PM CDT
Report of hostage situation appears to be hoax story image
SAN ANTONIO - Several police units, including SWAT, has responded to a possible hostage situation at a house on the Northeast Side on Friday night.

But police report that the initial call for a shooting looks to be a hoax.

Reports said that police were called to a shooting at a house on the 8100 block of Chestnut Manor in Converse. Early reports said that a male in the house was holding an assault rifle, a possible AK-47, loaded with armor-piercing bullets.

But after investigating, things didn't add up for the police, who investigated  further and found three children, all under the age of 10, with their father and another woman in the house.

No guns were found, and all the residents were taken from the home while police did a safety sweep of the home.

Police will likely be looking into who placed the initial call, as they could be facing charges. Report of hostage situation appears to be hoax
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