Moms gather at local Target to ask for gun policy change

Updated: Monday, June 30 2014, 11:58 AM CDT
Moms gather at local Target to ask for gun policy change story image

By: Ashlei King

SAN ANTONIO -- Moms Demand Action's peaceful protest at a local Target store was over before it even started.

Moms stood outside a San Antonio Target on Sunday afternoon, holding signs. They were asking the store to not allow customers to carry guns openly inside.

Sandy Phillips, a mom whose daughter was a mass shooting victim, was present at the event. Phillips has grown to be a gun control activist following the death of her daughter, who was killed in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre.

"Obviously, I support any time we're trying to get gun policy changed," she said. "When I first saw the Open Carry Texas people carrying their loaded guns in a Target store, where my daughter used to love to shop, it was personally offensive."

Moms Demand Action started this protest after they said gun extremists protested outside a Dallas-area Target store carrying loaded rifles.

These moms were hoping to ask Target customers to sign a petition demanding change, but the store manager asked the group to leave.

Jamie Addams, a member of Moms Demand Action, said that although they were asked to leave, their fight is not over.

"That's slightly frustrating to know that whoever allowed that to happen that a gun rally took place, but we were armed with clipboards and children and they asked us to leave," she said.

We made multiple calls and send emails to Target's headquarters but they were not returned.

Moms gather at local Target to ask for gun policy change
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