Family Holds Funeral for Man Killed at Amtrak Station

Updated: Friday, July 11 2014, 10:23 PM CDT
Family Holds Funeral for Man Killed at Amtrak Station story image
By: Robert Price

He was simply waiting for a train, when a stranger walked up and beat him to death.

Now his grief-stricken family is speaking out as they struggle to say goodbye.

Keith Richard, 56, of Austin was buried in his home state of Louisiana on Friday.

Richard was killed last Thursday night during a layover at the San Antonio Amtrak station.

Family members tell us he was on his way to Louisiana to celebrate his birthday. He would have turned 57 last Sunday.

Police say he was outside sitting on a bench when Michael Fobbs, 21, of Cibolo randomly walked up to him.

"Without any provocation, or any warning, pounced upon the victim in the case, and began pummeling him," said Sgt. Javier Salazar of San Antonio Police.

Richard was pronounced dead at the scene. But his family in Louisiana had no idea.

"We would call his phone, but it would just go straight to voicemail," said his younger sister in a phone conversation from Louisiana.

Monday night, they filed a missing person's report. Then Tuesday morning his sister saw a news article online about a 56-year-old man beaten to death at an Amtrak station in San Antonio.

"And when I read it, I just knew it was him."

The details of how he was killed -- so random, so senseless -- have left family members in shock.

As for what they think of the man charged with his murder?

"We do not want to say anything about that to anyone to jeopardize the trial that will be taking place."

They just want people to know that Keith Richard was a quiet, kind, friendly man. They say he enjoyed painting cars and spending time with family. He was affectionately known as "Boo".

"Nobody could say that he was any kind of person that would cause any harm to anyone," his sister said. "A little puppy. Never would hurt a soul. Overall, just a good person."

Fobbs -- who police say was oddly calm and cooperative after the beating -- is now charged with murder.Family Holds Funeral for Man Killed at Amtrak Station
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