Protect your smart phone in style with Skinit

Protect your smart phone in style with Skinit story image
By Jerrod Kingery

Only the daring are brave enough to carry around their smartphones unprotected by some sort of case. Sure, the sleekness of the device is one of the most alluring features, but as soon as your screen gets cracked by an errant drop in a parking lot somewhere, the shameful regret kicks in.

Wrapping your iPhone in a case is often a compromise on creativity, though. Generic cases fill store shelves, offering protection but not much else. Obtaining a licensed case featuring your favorite sports team or comic book character is often impossible, leaving one to search Amazon and Etsy for sub-standard, brittle cases imported slowly from China.

Enter Skinit, your one stop shop for all your mobile casing needs. With a their new inkFusion line of cases, Skinit offers stylish hard plastic cases that protect against dirt, scratches and accidental damage without interfering with any device functions, buttons or overall design. Skinit utilizes calibrated, color-rich printing to ensure hues and designs are accurate and visibly sharp. Each case also features edge-to-edge, wrap-around design coverage and is sealed with a smooth, glossy clear-coat finish to prevent it from fading, scratching or chipping.

Skinit has one of the largest license and design libraries, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Betty Boop, Power Rangers, Looney Tunes, Hello Kitty, Reef, collegiate licenses, and many more. You can even create a custom case by uploading your own image. The Skinit inkFusion range is also available for corporate branding and wholesale orders.

I was given an order code to create my own Skinit inkFusion Pro case for my Apple iPhone 5S and, since I’ve been living on a month-long high from the San Antonio Spurs’ fifth NBA championship, I chose a Spurs NBA Hardwood Classics design, pictured above.

The case arrived quickly by mail, and was a breeze to put on, especially compared to similar designs from companies like Otter Box. The Skinit inkFusion Pro is a case in two parts: a rubber sleeve that protects the corners and a hard shell for extra durability (that also features your selected design).

Speaking of the design, the artwork on the case is nice and sharp, though under fluorescent lighting the grays look a little pink on this particular Spurs design.  While there are no issues using any of the buttons or ports as Apple intended them to be used, you won’t be able to use any sort of docking device for your phone while the case is on the phone. While I don’t fault the case manufacturers for this, it’s still an annoyance that you’d think the case industry and the docking industry would work together to resolve.

After several weeks of daily use, my Skinit inkFusion Pro is holding up like the champs my design reflects. The glossiness of the case doesn’t make it slippery, and the rubber never feels tacky as on cheaper knock off cases. And, perhaps most importantly, the overall style of the iPhone isn’t as compromised as it can be with bulkier cases.

The Skinit inkFusion line starts at $24.99. To order yours, visit www.Skinit.comProtect your smart phone in style with Skinit
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