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Cambridge Air Minx 200: home stereo loses the wires

Cambridge Air Minx 200: home stereo loses the wires story image

By Jerrod Kingery

As portable digital media has taken over my life, I find my 14-year-old home stereo system meeting my needs less and less. Sure, it sounds fine enough playing CDs or audio through the hard-wired Blu-ray player, but all of my music lives on my iPhone, and who wants to plug a phone into their stereo across the room?

A modern-day solution arrived in the form of the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200, a sleek gray and white Sonos-looking speaker box with AirPlay and Bluetooth capabilities. Forever old school at heart, the first thing I did after unboxing the somewhat-too-large Minx Air 200 was hook it up to my tiny portable Crosley "Peanuts" turntable. I had just purchased the "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" vinyl at a record shop and wanted to put the Minx Air 200 through its paces on music I knew by heart. Quality of the vinyl aside (lots of pops, darn it), the Minx Air 200 performed swimmingly.

Setting up the Minx Air 200 for streaming play, however, was a touch on the complicated side. As someone who is used to venturing into his router's control panel, having to type into a web browser to access the temporary network the Minx sets up is simple enough--if too cumbersome--for a guy like me. But in the hands of a home networking novice, this could be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Once set up, though, the AirPlay from my iPhone 5S worked wonderfully with only a few tiny dropouts right at the start. The sound coming from the Minx is nice and full.

The size, though, may be a little too large for most people. At nearly 18 inches wide and 89 inches tall, the Minx is HUGE and dominating. It has a built-in handle for portability, but the large size really inhibits just where you can situate it. On the flip side, the remote that comes packed in the case is comically small, with tough to press bubbly buttons that don't respond as well as you would like.

At nearly $500, the Cambridge Minx Air 200 may be out of the price range of the average consumer, but the style-conscious consumer with extra money to spend will find lots to like.

For more info and to purchase the Cambridge Minx Air 200, click here.

Cambridge Air Minx 200: home stereo loses the wires
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