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Flood waters are moving down the Blanco and San Marcos Rivers. Flash Flooding is occurring from Wimberley to San Marcos to Luling. The flooding is not expected to crest until Monday.

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Scientists examine baby teeth in autism study

Scientists examine baby teeth in autism study story image
SAN ANTONIO -- The number of children with autism is staggering. Local scientists say one out of 50 children are diagnosed with the disorder.

Many parents are trying to understand why more and more children are being diagnosed with autism.  Doctor Raymond Palmer believes the secret lies in their baby teeth.

"We have figured out that the teeth, as they are developing, will absorb chemicals that the baby is exposed to in utero or shortly after, as the teeth are growing."

So Doctor Palmer, who is with the University of Texas Health Science Center, and other local scientists have begun what's called the Autism Tooth Fairy Project.

"That's going to solve the puzzle to why autism rates are so prevalent," said Dr. Palmer.

Doctor Palmer says they are collecting baby teeth from children with and without autism to find out what kind of chemicals are in the teeth and what may be causing children to develop autism.

"We are finding plastics, flame retardants, pesticides," said Doctor Palmer. "...They are all around our environment and are neuro toxic."

Palmer says they've already done studies on 100 teeth but need more donated and a lot more funding to keep the Tooth Fairy Project working for a solution.

If you would like to donate baby teeth or funds for the study, you can call 210-562-6550.
Scientists examine baby teeth in autism study
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