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Measles outbreak not slowing down

Measles outbreak not slowing down story image
SAN ANTONIO -- The measles outbreak in America is not slowing down. The Centers for Disease Control Thursday reports 307 cases, the highest number in twenty years.

About 90-percent of those infected were unvaccinated. Because of that, we examined how many parents are requesting vaccine exemptions when enrolling their child in school. According to state data, vaccine exemptions increased 180-percent in all Bexar county schools from 2006-2012.

Metro Health Director Dr. Thomas Schlenker says if parents knew how bad the measles can be, they'd never second-guess vaccinating their child.

"If you look in a child's mouth that has measles, it looks like they've swallowed
a cup of Drano" said Dr. Schlenker. "It's just horrible."

All of the city's largest school districts show a rise in the anti-vaccine trend. From 2006 to now, Judson ISD experienced a 155-percent increase in non-medical vaccine exemptions, North East ISD a 214-percent increase, and Northside ISD a 325-percent increase. In the San Antonio ISD, non-medical vaccine exemptions increased 787%.

It's alarming, but the number of students who are vaccinated far outweigh those who are not.Measles outbreak not slowing down
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