Knowing ‘Diabetic Shock’ warning signs could save a life

Knowing ‘Diabetic Shock’ warning signs could save a life story image

If someone you love has diabetes, this story is especially for you. Experts say all of us should know the early warning signs of diabetic shock.

Medical Reporter

A man narrowly escaped a fiery crash when he slammed his car into a gas pump. Investigators say he went into diabetic shock.

In another case, a husband often witnesses his wife's blood sugar crashes.

"I can usually tell a lot of time before she does actually," he said. "She kind of gets a blank expression on her face - and almost moves, like, in slow motion."

Dr. Mike Heile said he teaches patients to try and recognize this drop before the shock sets in.

Others should be conscientious of diabetic signs as well. There are car and bracelet IDs that can tell you a person has diabetes. This is important because shock signs like irritability can be subtle.

The end result, however, is not so subtle, which is why Laurie Hanauer has learned to test herself before she drives.

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Knowing ‘Diabetic Shock’ warning signs could save a life
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