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Kid uses Make-A-Wish to pay it forward

Kid uses Make-A-Wish to pay it forward story image

Going through cancer can be especially difficult on children, so the Make A Wish Foundation tries their best to grant children's wishes as much as possible. But four-year-old Dominic Kerr chose to take his wish and pay it forward.

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Dominic, who was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago, chose to spend his wish on toys for patients at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Dominic went on a shopping spree at Toys R Us and Walmart, so that he could fill a treasure chest with purchases. He told the Make A Wish Foundation that the one found memory he had during his stay at the hospital was being able to get a toy from the treasure chest.

"Dominic wished not for himself but for other children," regional Make-A-Wish President Judith Stone told the outlet. "He had a memory of coming to children’s hospital, and one of the highlights was going to the treasure chest."

All Dominic's donated toys will have a sticker on them that reads, "Donated by Dominic."

"Just seeing him, as happy as the toys made him, I hope it makes other kids as happy," Dominic's father, Mick, told the outlet. "And hope it gives them hope and makes it an easier time in the whole situation."

When asked why he chose this as his wish, Dominic said, "Because I want to make other kids happy."

What an incredible kid!

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Kid uses Make-A-Wish to pay it forward
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