Is marriage good for your heart?

Is marriage good for your heart? story image
CNN -- If you open yourself up to love, commitment and marriage, a new study says you may be opening your heart up to better health.

Researchers at New York University's Medical Center found that your marital status does have an influence on your heart.

The study was the largest of its kind and looked at 3.5 million people.

They found that those who tied the knot had a 5% lower risk of developing cardiovascular heart disease.  Compare that with single people and widowers who had a 3% higher risk.  Divorced people also had a 5% higher risk.

If you're younger, the benefits could be even greater.  The study found the numbers jumped for younger married people.

If you are under 50, they found you had a 12% lower chance of heart disease!

Why might marriage be good for your heart?  Researchers say a spouse would be more likely to care for you if you're in poor health.  He or she would make sure to take you to doctor appointments and help keep you healthy.Is marriage good for your heart?
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