Judge Denies Bond Reduction in Gruesome Killing Case

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 12:25 PM CST
Judge Denies Bond Reduction in Gruesome Killing Case story image
By: Jennifer Saucedo

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A judge denied lowering the bond of a 16-year-old accused killer.

Isaac Rodriguez is accused of beating Adriana Terry, 63, to death with a baseball bat.

The murder happened in September 2012 at Terry's home on Coleridge Street, near I-35 and Thousand Oaks.

Terry's family says Rodriguez considered her a mother figure and would call her "grandma."

Police say the teen claimed he killed Terry because he loved his dad and wanted to make him proud.

In December, a judge certified Rodriguez as an adult.

In a hearing, Rodriguez's attorney said the teen is innocent because he wasn't there.

"He was at a restaurant getting a bean and cheese taco," said Defense Attorney John Young. "This is an exceptionally bloody crime scene... there's somebody that had blood on their hands and it wasn't him."

He requested the judge lower Rodriguez's $200,000.00 bond.

However, prosecutors asked his bond remain the same.

"If he were to have the reduction bond - he would be a danger to the community," said Assistant District Attorney Khristina Fielder.

A judge agreed, keeping Rodriguez's bond at $200,000.00.

Rodriguez is expected to be back in court in July for a pre-trial hearing.Judge Denies Bond Reduction in Gruesome Killing Case

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