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City of New Braunfels Sues The Scooter Store

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 12:25 PM CST
City of New Braunfels Sues The Scooter Store story image
By: Fox S.A. Staff

The Scooter Store has been hit with a lawsuit, claiming the company didn't keep its end of the bargain with the City of New Braunfels.

The city claims The Scooter Store is in breach of contract for failing to maintain certain employment levels.

In 2009, the city agreed to give The Scooter Store more than $3 million in taxpayer money in exchange for the creation of more jobs.

But with The Scooter Store's recent mass layoff, the city says the company has not lived up to its end of the deal.

The city is asking for $2.6 million to be paid back.City of New Braunfels Sues The Scooter Store

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