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Last Update on December 01, 2015 08:10 GMT


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- St. Francis needs a new home. A 27-foot-tall statue of the saint once stood watch over fans of the Giants and 49ers at San Francisco's Candlestick Park. The ballpark is now gone, making way for a shopping center and hotel. So, developers have moved the beloved statue into storage. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the statue will be refurbished before it's reinstalled. Cost of the move and the makeover could be as much as 200-K.


WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) -- Add one to the naughty list. Someone has swiped nearly a dozen Christmas trees intended for a Catholic school fundraiser in Waterbury, Connecticut. The Republican-American reports eight of the largest trees were stolen early Saturday, from the parking lot of the Saints Peter and Paul School. The thief apparently returned in the same SUV early Monday and took three more trees. The tree rip-offs will cost the school several hundred dollars.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Those driving distractions we're warned about are getting a second look. Researchers at Stanford University report distractions could be needed to keep people awake in self-driving cars. Students in driving simulators tended fall asleep when robo-chauffer was in control. The still experimental self-driving cars need someone behind the wheel to take over in an emergency. The Stanford researchers say reading or watching a movie helped to keep those in the driver's seat awake.


SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- Deputy Mitchell your lighter's been found. A Texas sheriff's office has joined the hunt for the owner of a cigarette lighter used by a deputy more than 50 years ago. An ex-San Antonio man, Doug Williams, saw the lighter at an antiques store in Anchorage, Alaska. He bought it for 45 bucks. The Bexar (bayr) County Sheriff's Office has now posted a photo of the lighter on its Facebook page. The lighter has a miniature badge, with the inscription "Mitchell," "Deputy Sheriff Bexar County." Williams says he hopes to find Deputy Mitchell.


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