SXSW: Music for 'Animals' a 'Passion' project for Ian Hultquist

SXSW: Music for
By Valerie Tapia

AUSTIN, Texas -- Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk with Ian Hultquist, of the alt-rock band Passion Pit, about his recent work involving the movie “Animals” which premiered on Monday evening at SXSW in Austin, TX. Ian composed the film's music and is credited as a producer.

"Animals" is the wrenching story of a homeless, heroin-addicted couple living in a car on the streets of Chicago, always looking for their next fix. Hultquist became involved in the film after meeting David Dastmalchian, the star-screenwriter of the film, on the set of one of Passion Pit's music videos. They became friends, David sent the script to Ian and they decided to start working together.

The producer credit was a first for Ian. He says that he was involved with the project for so long--2 years--that he was able to give input and ideas for the story.

Writing music for the movies was actually Hultquist's major in college, but being in a rock band became his day job. Though Hulquist relishes the opportunity.

“I really like getting to score for film because you get to kinda experiment with different ways to tell a story through music.” He says that it differs from writing music that's for a story rather than for an album of songs. And he says he prefers it that way because there is always an end point.

This isn't actually Ian's only credit as a composer for a film. He also wrote the music for a film called “Ivory Tower” which premiered at Sundance earlier this year.

When asked about SXSW and it's differences to a festival like Sundance, Hultquist says that the intensity level is very different, seeing as SXSW has film, interactive and music happening all at once.

“It's really kind of a crazy animal--pun intended--being here with so many different things happening.” Hultquist says he would really like to continue working in the film realm. “It's something I really, really enjoy and that I've been working toward for a few years.”

As for how the film was received, screenwriter David Dastmalchian won the well deserved special jury recognition for courage in storytelling prize at the SXSW film awards this past Tuesday.

For more information on Ian's band Passion Pit and the award-winning film “Animals”, please visit the following links: SXSW: Music for 'Animals' a 'Passion' project for Ian Hultquist
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