Pearsall council to address embattled city manager

Updated: Friday, June 6 2014, 08:00 AM CDT
Pearsall council to address embattled city manager story image
PEARSALL, Texas - Pearsall city council members are expected to meet Friday to discuss the ongoing controversy surrounding City Manager Rick Alvarez.

Alvarez has drawn the attention of many in Pearsall who do not think he should be running the city because of several prior criminal convictions and two pending charges.

Alvarez said last month his convictions were for misdemeanor charges and he has done nothing wrong.  He was voted in as city manager in April.

Since then, a group of residents launched a petition drive to recall the council members who voted in favor of hiring Alvarez.

At a scheduled city council meeting this past Tuesday, council members were expected to appoint a new ethics board, but not enough council members were present to vote.

The meeting was rescheduled for Friday evening.

Council members said they plan to pick up the ethics item again.

They also say they plan to address Alvarez regarding the two charges he currently faces, a cocaine possession charge and a DWI charge.  He has not been convicted of either charge.Pearsall council to address embattled city manager
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